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Web Quests are a range of research assignments that can be solved online using hyperlinks. WebQuests are designed to give students an opportunity to carry out small scale research tasks through accessible, real and relevant resources. Choose a WebQuest below to see how it works.


Politics or Parlour Maids?

Who can tell us more about Fota House?

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Rooms of Inspiration

Fota House is full of stories, anecdotes, things to see and experience that can inspire you to express yourself using a range of language styles.

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The Anglo-Irish Novel: Context and Creativity

The spaces and rituals of the house, along with the political turmoil outside the demesne wall form both backdrop and narrative. In this unit works by George Moore, Somerville and Ross and Elizabeth Bowen are discussed as exemplars of the type. Students are then set the challenge of composing their own piece of writing following a trip to Fota.

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The Language of Argument

Why should country houses like Fota be saved? Should the tax payer pay for them? You will explore arguments for saving them (and think of some of your own). 

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The Last September - Cork in September 1920

Elizabeth Bowen's The Last September is set in the 'big house' Danielstown during the month of September, 1920. While inside the demesne walls the residents and guests are engaged in various genteel activities, outside the walls a vicious guerilla war is being fought. In this WebQuest, the students act as a team of journalists covering the main news stories that took place in Cork in September 1920. They must discover the 'violent realness' only half suggested to the reader in The Last September.

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Wonderful Wallpaper

Here you discover what your wallpaper said about you! You will work as a design team creating wallpaper for the interior of a 19th century home. You'll look at design, colour and pattern and create a wallpaper that says something about the society it was created for. 

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