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Web Quests are a range of research assignments that can be solved online using hyperlinks. WebQuests are designed to give students an opportunity to carry out small scale research tasks through accessible, real and relevant resources. Choose a WebQuest below to see how it works.


Aesthetic Use of Language

Irish country houses have provided the inspriration for incredible literary works. Both in poetry and prose, they and those who occupied them have been painted with words. As a group you will find your favourite examples and use them to demonstrate aesthetic use of language. 

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Developing Sketchbooks

In this unit students develop a sketchbook or mood board where they can record their personal responses to the design of Fota.. The unit is intended to enable students to make connections with and develop themes relating to the house, gardens, arboretum and collection at Fota from observational sketches. Students take a critical look at the architectural style of Fota by observing and recording these elements with particular reference to texture and pattern.

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Essential Exhibitions

Exhibitions and related themes feature regularly on the Leaving Certificate Art History and Appreciation paper. We have developed this unit to encourage students to analyse an exhibition, and to think critically about how it is planned and designed in different contexts and spaces. You can use this unit to provide the basis for an exhibition design project using a visit to Fota House as inspiration.

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Fota House, Land Acts, Land War

The process of land reform which took place in Ireland at the end of the 19th and beginning of the 20th centuries changed the economy of the Irish country house. This was especially true during the years of the Land War when landlord incomes decreased through non-payment of rent. At the same time, we learn from census records that the quality of life for labourers and tenant farmers was improving. In this WebQuest, students investigate the Land War at Fota and the quality of life of the Smith-Barrys and their tenants.

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Heritage in the Marketplace

An historic property like Fota house is a valuable cultural asset. Each year many people visit historic houses such as Fota and planning for these visitors and catering to their requirements is an ongoing task. This WebQuest focuses on event planning and marketing with the aim of encouraging students develop an understanding of the role of product development, marketing and audience focus in the heritage sector today.

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House Detectives

What can the house tell us about the people who lived in it?

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