Primary Resources

This resource gallery has been developed to be used for pre visit preparatory work and for post visit reference. You will find a range of primary documents and material here that links to the themes in each unit. By clicking on any image below you can access background information on the source and also find out where it came from and where it is currently held.

1881 Land Act

This is an original agreement of a fixing of rent between Arthur Hugh Smith Barry and his tenant.

A 19th Century eviction scene

A tenant farmer and his family sit outside their home having been evicted. 

A servant’s bedroom

The plain decor and small scale of a servant's  room,  illustrated by this simple, unadorned fireplace,   indicates that it is was used by a member of the household staff. 

A view of the portico at Fota

Elegant fluted columns in the portico at Fota

Amateur Photographers at Clonbrock, Co Galway.

The Dillon family of Clonbrock in Galway, photographed just before the turn of the century - a time that was to bring enormous changes for the Ascendancy. 

An Eviction Scene

Eviction scene, Bodyke Co Clare, June 1887. 

An Tóstal: Ireland at home

This image of Ireland dates from the middle of the last century and is a good example of the type of marketing used by the Irish Tourist Board.

Arthur Hugh Smith Barry, 1843-1925

Arthur Hugh Smith Barry in a portrait by William Orpen. 

Charity festival at Fota in 1956

Mrs Bell and her mother in law before invited the local community to Fota for charity festivals and children's parties.  

Copper Pots

Copper pots on the kitchen shelves

Detail of doves on the drawing room ceiling

'If music be the food of love, play on'

Twelfth Night, Act 1, Scene 1, 1-3.

Detail of plasterwork in the entrance hall.

Designed to make an immediate impact on the visitor the hallway,  at Fota has a wealth of subtle symbols alluding to the taste and power of the Smith Barry family. 

Detail of the drawing room ceiling

Love, music and harmony are symbolised in the decoration in the drawing room ceiling.

Details of engraved amber glass in the boudoir

This detail of a sunburst forms part of the decoration in the boudoir. 

Dorothy Bell (1894-1975)

Dorothy Bell on horseback. Dorothy inherited Fota in 1936. 

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