About Us


Welcome to Fota Learning Zone

This resource supports teachers and students using Fota House and Gardens to create rich learning opportunities through enquiry and exploration.

It is designed as an easy to use learning tool for Transition Year and Leaving Certificate programmes that offers ways to extend learning experiences through first hand contact with Ireland’s history and heritage.

There are three elements to this resource to help you gain the most from a visit to Fota:

Teacher’s page: We have developed a selection of task led units that link to the curriculum. These have defined learning objectives and are designed to enhance students’ understanding Fota House and its stories.

The themed units contain pre and post-visit activities as well as suggestions on what to do when you visit Fota House. They also have lots of easy to use background history and information to enable you prepare for and plan your visit.

Resource Gallery: Our resource gallery contains a wealth of contextualised primary and secondary sources and archive documents. We have carefully chosen this selection to help you put our key themes into context.

WebQuests: these are a range of research assignments that can be solved online using hyperlinks. WebQuests are designed to give students an opportunity to carry out small scale research tasks through accessible, real and relevant resources.